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Silver Linings

By Jessica Joe

Were you aware you can leave your physical body and enter into another entirely different dimension? One where your physical body is not needed to sense or to navigate around? A place where teleportation, telepathy and flying are all very real? It sounds a little far-fetched, I’m sure.

I had vaguely heard of out of body experiences from instances where people had come face to face with dying, perhaps during surgeries, drowning, car accidents and so forth, but it wasn’t until my own personal near death experience that I actually encountered the astral realm with my own eyes- or - conscious perception at least.

A tragic event in my past catapulted me into a future I never could have predicted. The path that lay before me was altered and shifted in the most dramatic of ways and there was absolutely no going back to the way I thought and saw things before this event had occurred. Despite the somber tone of the events that transpired, my life is manifested proof that there is a silver lining to every stormy cloud- no matter how dark.

My encounter completely shifted my entire life trajectory and put me on a path to avidly exploring the paranormal. Instead of being completely focused on the physical, I was now deeply interested in investigating the cosmic black holes and silent, ancient mysteries of life- the part of existence that remains on the dark side of the moon.

The Aqua Life Mission

It was my first college party and I was a very excited, barely 21 year old girl with absolutely not a clue of the danger I was about to put myself in. I rushed eagerly to get ready and put on my cutest outfit and went on my way (quite confidently I might add) to this gathering full of college students, most of whom were much older and more experienced than myself.

By the end of the night a ‘respectable’ young man who was training to be an airline pilot had taken an interest in me. I was quite drunk and this man had offered to give me a ride to his place, where I’d be safe to stay the night and crash on his couch. He said in the morning we could go out for breakfast, so we could get to know each other better.

Naive and young, I accepted his offer- completely disregarding all my mother had ever told me about strangers and throwing all caution out the window. At the time, he seemed plenty trustworthy to me. So I hopped in his car and away we went into the night.

Arriving at his apartment I had blacked out and when I woke up, I was being brutally attacked. This part of my experience is difficult to express, so I will keep it vague. The pain I was in was so intense that I went into shock and immediately began to profusely and violently vomit. I believe it is for this reason that he left me alone.

I rushed to the bathroom but soon began to choke. Interestingly, suffocating to death is a much more pleasant experience than you might think- at least it was for me. Suddenly I was no longer inside my physical body, but appeared to be in a spirit form above it.

I remember being at the top corner of the bathroom, mid-air, watching myself die. Strangely, I wasn’t at all surprised by this transition, instead it felt like I had always been here, watching myself. I was sad and thought to myself how beautiful my life was and how upset I was that I was going to die so young and at the hands of this random jerk. There was nothing I could do to save myself. What a waste.

Suddenly to the right of me there were these incredible layers of color- aqua, teal, ice blue- just waving slowly in front of me. I perceived these colors to be a representation of the life I had agreed to live on this earth- a type of blueprint I was meant to complete in the physical.

I decided I wasn’t quite done experiencing this life and longed to be back in my body. In an instant and with a loud *CLAP*, I was suddenly back and gasping for air. As the air began to fill my lungs, I sat slumped against the toilet, trying to make sense of what I had just experienced.

For whatever reason, my attacker had decided to go to sleep and to leave me alone, so I quickly and shakily washed up and called my mom for a rescue. I was safely home and in a warm shower within the hour. I consider myself very lucky to have made it out of this situation alive and mostly unharmed.

I never reported what had happened to me that night, for fear no one would believe either the horror or the incredible experience I had just had. I couldn’t quite make sense of what had happened, until a few weeks later when I happened to stumble upon a book by William Buhlam called, “The Secret of the Soul”.

The book was filled with experiences similar to mine (most, thankfully, were a lot less tragic stories than mine had been) and reading about them sparked a fire and curiosity in me so bright, I immediately began to heavily investigate the topic. Within the next few years, I had read close to ten books on the subject of out of body exploration. I wanted to understand to the fullest what had happened to me, where I went that unfortunate night and where I might go when I die. Even more than that, I wanted to learn how to go back to the astral realm, safely and on command.

Since that day, I have consciously astral projected into the ethereal realm several times! This tragic moment had inspired an entire life's passion and work and today I am actively learning how to project out of body whenever I want, so that I can explore what’s out there... beyond this dense material reality.

I have been warned that this is a dangerous or “ungodly” mission by many. Some have told me boogie stories of getting stuck out in the planes and having your soul sucked by demons or getting lost in a Hellish dimension, but I’ve never found that to be the case or even read one account remotely similar.

Overall, I have found intentional astral projecting (consciously leaving your body in spirit form) to be completely safe. Thus my life from the normal has veered into exploring the paranormal and there is truly, absolutely nothing else I would rather do than to adventure into this great, never ending unknown plane I have discovered and to share my experiences with you.

Who is Your God?

A dear friend of mine had been struggling from a very young age with intensely painful stomach ulcers. I too had experienced ovarian cysts and ulcers from a young age as well, so I could understand her pain when she expressed to me one night that she needed to be hospitalized immediately.

At the hospital I stayed by her bedside until she was finally able to sleep. I refused to leave and insisted on sleeping upright in a chair by her bed. I had been trying to project out of my body for a few months now, almost a year and had been avidly reading books on the topic. Almost every night I was trying to project, but tonight I was exhausted and truly just wanted to sleep.

It really irritated me that the nurse would continually wake me up, about every forty-five minutes or so during the night to check on my friend’s monitors and vitals. Of course I should have been less irked, but when you’re exhausted, you’re not always thinking so rationally. I remember the last time she came into the room to check on the machines. She gave me a warm smile and when I closed my eyes… I was suddenly popped out of my body.

I was absolutely thrilled and noticed that I had a perception of 360 degrees and I could see myself as a black silhouette. I had been learning about intention materializing in the ethereal realms and intended to move to the bathroom nearby in order to test the theory of immediate teleportation out. In an instant I was in the bathroom, only here, I wasn’t alone.

Hovering above me was a giant, thick cloud of black smoke- whose energy seemed both unconscious, innocent and dangerous all at once. Incredibly frightened but keeping a steady cool so as not to be pulled back into my body, I simply abruptly left the bathroom and found myself at the entrance of the small hospital room.

There I was confronted by another astral form. This time it was white, but it’s energy was much more terrifying. I was confused at the time because I assumed a light energy sphere, which was what was in front of me, would be a benevolent being. Instead I felt this thing approaching me was light in disguise and I was very alarmed and threatened by it.

It began to telepathically demand I tell it who my God was. Suddenly my friend’s spirit, which appeared in the form of a bright ball of light as well, was next to me. We were both being questioned by this entity. We both retreated to the back of the room and sheepishly stated that we did have a God, so the thing would leave us alone. After our answers, I was sucked back into my body and from there went immediately into a dream- something incredibly distinctable from an out of body experience.

The next day when I woke up, I told my friend about the stunning experience I had had and in the middle of my story, who should come to interrupt our conversation but a priest. To my absolute shock he began to kindly, but aggressively ask us who we devoted our faith to, what religion we were in and who our God was.

On top of all of this, it wouldn’t be till months later that I realized it was that exact hospital room, which was on the top floor at the far end of the hallway, facing the parking lot, that my Grandmother had previously resided in, before going into septic shock and later dying.

Alarms and a Decision

November 20th 2019 had been a spooky one. I could sense something wasn’t right on the planet and that something big was coming. I simply had an alarming feeling in my tummy and something was pulling at my heart. There were plenty of signs to turn my current trajectory around, but I didn’t listen.

That night I had been planning to see a friend of mine (a lover would be a more accurate term, we’ll call him Aron) at his apartment building in Salt Lake City. Yet something just wasn’t sitting right with me about my plans for the evening. Something was desperately nagging at me to stay home.

First on the agenda that night I went to see my girl friend perform at a burlesque bar called Prohibition. It was a lovely time and she did very well performing that night, all dressed up in a dark, southern bell outfit. At the end of her routine and after making some serious tips and applause, I congratulated her- but she didn’t seem so excited.

“Don’t go to Aron’s tonight, Jess,” She abruptly pleaded with me, something she rarely did.
“Something just isn’t right about tonight.” I was stunned to hear she felt the same, but quickly brushed it off.

After leaving Prohibition I headed toward a bar where I was to perform local stand up comedy. I performed well and the comedians before me seemed to be on fire that night! But during the set of the man who went up after me (who also was doing incredibly well) an amber alert went off on everybody’s phones- alerting the public of a nearby kidnappning and eerily cutting off the comedian on stage. Needless to say, this only added to my growing anxiety and nearly panicked me.

After leaving the bar that night I was on my way to Aron’s and the feeling that I should turn around and go home was so loud, I could barely keep my mind off of it while driving. The road was strangely empty and the wind was blowing the last of the autumn leaves ahead, when suddenly, a car with one headlight swerved out in front of me from a sketchy looking hotel building and I was forced to slam on my brakes in order to prevent a crash.

The driver must have quickly realized they were not sober enough to drive and they abruptly turned back into the hotel, but I had been completely rattled. My phone had also been launched into my front seat and was nowhere to be found. A bit frazzled, I finally parked across the street from the giant Catholic Cathedral that stood in front of my lover’s rather prestigious apartment building.

He buzzed me in and we were all having a smoke on the balcony, the unshakable feeling that something wasn’t right ever present, as I stopped mid sentence to notice a single vehicle speeding by, with only one headlight. I shook my head and accepted that whatever was going to happen, was just going to have to happen.

I fell asleep rather easily that night, but it didn’t last long. Suddenly, I was above my body, looking at myself sleep. I had a question in my head. How will you react to this? Is what it said. Will you be afraid? Or calm?

Suddenly I was back in my body and startled awake just before blaring fire alarms rang throughout the entire building. The first thing I said as I shot up from the bed in pure terror was, “Help me!” I had consciously chosen to be afraid.

Stumbling to get dressed, my heart still racing and the thought that I shouldn’t have come haunting me, my partner and I rushed out the door to find the fire extinguisher had been smashed out of its case. The whole building was evacuating and from the top floor we finally made it down the crowded staircase and out the doors.

In the end everyone was safe and there was actually no fire- it was a false alarm, but something about that night left a blaring message that messages are always being left and that if you don’t listen to them… you may suffer the consequences.

For almost a year after that night, I had been continuously unsettled. Every car that passed with one head light made me shiver and I’d irrationally jump to the thought that the end of the world was imminent. Of course, the Covid crisis had been announced in January, only one month after my frightening experience, and was therefore something I had almost been expecting in light of that eery night and the horrible feeling that took so long to shake.

Still, I find myself consciously asking on a daily basis for any situation or thought that approaches me: Will I be scared? Or calm? The lesson I learned from that night is that the two reactions certainly are a choice, despite how it feels in the overwhelming moment.

Carbonation and Salt

Airports are one of my all time favorite places to be, I simply love them! It could have something to do with the fact that I love crowds and people in general, but I was particularly excited this flight to read a good book, “God, Ether and Devil” by my favorite scientist, Wilhelm Reich (a genius ahead of his time and colleague of Einstein).

Getting onto the plane and strapped into my seat however, I quickly found that I was actually pretty tired. Despite my original plans, I put my book down and decided to close my eyes, listening to the jet engines roar and the sound of the plane taking off. It quickly occurred to me that a projection technique I had been using was to visualize the sound of jet engines, as astral projectors will often hear the loud sound before exiting their bodies.

Excitedly, I attempted to project and quickly found I was able to see through my closed eyes. I was elevated just above my seat, my heart pounding- a common side effect of projection. Most everything was dark but I could see vague silver linings of everything around me. I remained elevated trying to improve my vision until I could hear the flight attendant approaching.

Unfortunately, nothing can get in my way between a Dr. Pepper and pretzels, so back to my body and book I went, shaking my head at the true grasp that sugary carbonation and salt has on me in this dense dimension.

Meeting My Shadow

Downstairs in my room at the adorable little cottage I used to live in with my best friend, I was laying on my bed and practicing some Whim Hoff breathing techniques. Whim Hoff, also known as, “The Ice Man”, is a hero and role model of mine who teaches the absolute power of controlled breathing. He believes that focused breathing in the correct way, can raise your body temperature if needed, give you a natural high and improve your overall health.

I was laying flat on my back and following his instructions carefully. Breath in through the stomach, the lungs, the head, release- quickly start again. Expand the stomach, the lungs, the head, release. I had done this practice for 20 minutes and just as Hoff had warned, I began to get a little light headed. When the video ended I decided I was feeling amazing and a bit tired, so I’d take a 20 minute power nap.

Maybe seven minutes into my nap, just as I’m falling asleep, I hear a voice that says, “This might be a little bit scary,”. Immediately, I completely surrendered to whatever that may mean, opening my heart and expanding my energy outside of me, becoming quite vulnerable. I was then lifted from my body and was in the astrals.

In front of me was a dark silhouette with white glowing eyes. It seemed to be observing me and making some type of contact with me. I was slightly frightened of it, but more curious than anything. My body began to shake violently and the only way I can describe it is like my body was crying- sobbing even. I’d never experienced anything like it before. It was also extremely cold. Ice cold.

After feeling the effects this dark silhouette seemed to have on my physical body and feeling it almost had a menacing presence- I decided I’d blast it with light, so I lifted my arms and raged a righteous white light fury on the thing. I was suddenly pulled back into my body and wasn’t entirely sure if what I had just done was the right thing. Amazed, I wrote all of my experience down in a supernatural notebook I kept on my desk.

I sat thinking about that experience all day, when four hours later my favorite cosmic medium, Phil Good, posted onto his Instagram that he had just met with his shadow! He said he was able to have a conversation with his shadow presence for almost thirty minutes and that it became incredibly cold and that his body shook. I was in absolute awe and yet, things like that tend to happen often between this psychic and I. So I was less shook as I was completely thrilled and excited.

Next time I will try to have a conversation with my shadow, instead of panicking and blasting it away with “light”.

The Face was Mine

Sitting up in my bedroom one night, I decided to attempt astral projection. After a while I didn’t seem to be leaving my body, which was frustrating, but I did feel as though I was floating and I could almost make out some shapes through my closed eyes. The idea occurred to me that perhaps if I intended on moving somewhere specific, I would be able to see the change of location and then more concretely materialize my projection.

With that thought in mind, I commanded myself to teleport to my little brother’s room so I could see his face. It was about 3:13am at the time (I’m a wee bit of a night owl) and boom! I could actually see a silver silhouette of my little brother’s sleeping face in bed. I took a closer look to try to see all the details I could and was delighted to find that I was definitely remote viewing my little brother while he slept.

The next day I went downstairs to say good morning to my mother. To my surprise, my little brother was still in his bed at 10am and not at school. I asked my mother why he was still home and her reply froze me in place.

“He couldn’t sleep last night,” she kind of laughed, “around 3am he woke up because he said he felt someone was watching him and then he swears on his life a girl’s face was right up close to his face,” she turned from me to turn her computer on and said, “he wasn’t able to sleep after he apparently saw a ghost.” She shook her head.

As soon as my little brother woke up, I let him know he wasn’t crazy or imagining things at all and that his room wasn’t haunted either- that was my face!

The Last Frontier is Not Space

I have had a few other, minor astral experiences in my life but the ones I have shared here have definitely been the most prominent and lasting in my memory thus far. That night I almost lost my life completely changed the trajectory and course of my existence! I’d always been fascinated by the paranormal but now I had actually experienced it in a way that would shift my perception forever.

To this day I practice astral projection techniques in order to launch myself into the ethereal dimensions whenever I can. My practices are still being perfected and I have much to learn, but I will truly never be the same again- and I am thankful!

It just goes to show that even the worst of events can catapult you into the best days of your life and that the unknown is full of unlimited potential. A favorite quantum physicist of mine, Alan Wolf (who studies the relationship between physics and consciousness), once said in a statement in reference to the T.V show, Star Trek, “Space may not be the last frontier, but the mind, that is indeed the last frontier.”

So while I do hope to visit space someday, for now, other dimensions accessible within my mind will do.

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